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Save on transport

Three times more compact

One POP UP3 contains three vacuum technology based toilets each. These units are folded into each other according to a crafty method, resulting in an easily transportable package. As these can be stacked, a single truck can transport 99 toilets. This is almost three times as many compared to traditional mobile toilet units.
Setting up, cleaning and breaking down is extremely easy.

Stackable, meaning quick deliveries

Saving 70% of all transport is not only a good thing for the environment. Another great advantage is that your mobile toilets can arrive at the intended location three times as fast. Even in areas that are difficult to reach, because the compact system can be transported so easily. This is crucial in emergencies, but also very convenient in other cases.

You can’t go greener

Because POP UP3 saves at least six litres of water during every usage, the amount of sewage water is also reduced with 90%. This means that not only the amount of sewage water pumped to the treatment plants decreases radically, but so do the transport costs.

You can’t go greener with your sanitation!

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