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Save on water

Cleaner with less

POP UP3 uses approx. 0,8 litres of water per flushing, compared to 6 to 10 litres (in a traditional system with flushing tank. Savings that yield higher quality and lower costs.

Better hygiene

The vacuum technology sucks the toilet’s contents with great force, not leaving behind any traces or odors. Because it needs less water to flush, the system is never overburdened; POP UP3 can easily be used every minute.

After each visit, innovative nozzles flush the toilet with water which is gushed through at high pressure. Because the feces are grinded, there is also less chance of blocking. Cleaning the drainage system is done quickly and tidily on a distant location, thus preventing the spread of unpleasant odors. This way, POP UP3 encourages your visitors to keep using your toilets.

Less water

POP UP3 yields double savings: the supply of water decreases with 90%, thereby also reducing the amount of sewage water. In the first six months that POP UP3 has been used, the system saved at least 4.000 m3. That is equivalent to the average water use of 23 households.

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