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‘We have to drain far less waste water’

“In 2012, 250 of the 900 toilets on Lowlands came from POP UP3. This made the environmental impact considerably smaller as there was a decrease in waste water of as much as 750.000 litres. This is important for a green festival such as Lowlands.”

Organiser Lowlands festival

‘Ideal solution if the water supply is limited’

“Pinkpop has been using chemical toilets for years, because the water supply on the festival site is limited. With POP UP3, we can offer visitors extra quality and we are left with enough water for the audience and the catering.”

Festival director Pinkpop

‘POP UP3 saves on all fronts’

“POP UP3 costs a bit more than chemical or traditional toilets, but amply compensates for this with the enormous savings on water and the high quality. We were soon convinced this was only a logical choice to make.”

Tomorrowland (Belgium)

‘Compliments on Facebook’

“A visitor of the festival posted a picture of POP UP3 on Facebook and wrote the comment: ‘Concert at Sea 2012, the cleanest toilets of all festivals!’ You can’t get a better compliment than that.”

Concert at Sea

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