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what is POP UP3?

A green revolution in mobile sanitation

POP UP3 is a modular system for mobile toilets which uses vacuum technology. This clean, reliable technology has proven itself in aviation and shipping for years and saves up to 90% on water, both on supply and drainage. Because the foldable system can be stacked, the transport costs also decrease by 70%. A green revolution in mobile sanitation!


POP UP3 is the ideal solution for any site that needs temporary toilets. The closed drainage system is extra hygienic, so users can always count on a clean and fresh toilet. Even if the location’s water supply is limited. What a relief!

Green choice

Those who choose POP UP3 will benefit from the enormous savings on water and transport. A financially responsible and environmentally aware choice that goes perfectly with a sustainable business. This way, POP UP3 will give your corporate image a green boost.

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